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Summer 2017 Study Abroad Programs

Wheaton College faculty design and lead a variety of summer international study programs to complement and enhance the on-campus academic experience. Here are the Summer 2017 programs (for-credit):

Iron Sharpens Iron: Eastern Europe & Baltic States
May 8-July 1, 2017

Iron Sharpens Iron is an exciting eight-week immersion program uniquely blending the cultural, political, economic and business aspects of cultures around the globe. The program focuses on the interaction of political and economic policy, the effects of globalization on human flourishing, and the economic well-being of countries in the study area. Students take part in numerous site visits and hear lectures from business leaders and diplomats. This program features on-campus and off-campus learning, and as part of the course work, student teams, with faculty guidance, develop research projects designed to be presented at the corporate or policy executive level. In 2017, ISI examines the economics and politics in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States. Learn More >>>


Pilgrimage to Santiago
May 21-June 10, 2017

The Pilgrimage to Santiago is a three-week course in Spain. The French way of St. James is a museum of over 800k, where over a thousand years, pilgrims have hiked to what is thought the remains of St. James (one of the sons of Zebedee) in Santiago de Compostela. Santiago is credited with bringing the Gospel to Spain and the course will be a combination of the history of Spain, the history of the Camino de Santiago, art history, and travel as a Spiritual transformation. Students will walk the last 120k in the northern part of Spain over 10 days and will ultimately reach their destination in Santiago de Compostela where they will receive their "pilgrim" certificate. Learn More>>>


Printing, Protestantism and Progress
May 8-June 16, 2017

The printing press is arguably the most revolutionary and profound agent of change the world has seen in its political, social, religious, and economic affairs since the phonetic alphabet. How Johannes Gutenberg, the son of a religious economist and himself a goldsmith, combined the technologies of paper, oil-based ink, hot-metal type, and the screw-type wine press to achieve the medium of the book, the world’s first mass-produced commodity, and what its immediate and long-ranging effects were, will be the primary focus of the course. Along the way we will also learn about the genealogy of the interchangeable part, the invention of the clock, representative money, the rise of capitalism, and other techniques contributing to the modern world as characterized by market economies of mass production. How these changes in media forms affected the religious practice, and subsequent heritage of Germany, Switzerland, Western Europe, and the globalized world as a whole will be traced through a technology and culture tour that focuses on the rise of the machine and its impact on subsequent world history. Learn More >>>

Resistance and Reconciliation in Africa: Culture, Society, Hope
May 9-25, 2017

This study program will follow the story of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa.  Current Wheaton College students were born after 1994, when Democracy supplanted Apartheid (1948-1994). For nearly five decades (1948-1994) Apartheid depended upon laws that disenfranchised 80% of its population, brutally suppressed political dissent, implemented a myriad of racist laws—all in the name of anti-Communism and in the name of Christ on the African continent.  President Nelson Mandela, political dissident and former Sunday School teacher, relinquished hatred and revenge while serving a lifetime prison sentence.  Students will study the Mandela Democracy legacy started in 1994.  The study tour will focus on three regions in South Africa: (i) the commercial and administrative capitals of Johannesburg and Pretoria, (ii) the Kruger National Park, and (iii) Cape Town area.  Students will have opportunities to interact with families through homestays, meet culturally-diverse South Africans from all walks of life, visit some of the earliest humanoid fossil sites on earth, as well as places of historical and recreational significance. This personalized study tour is arranged by Wheaton College’s first indigenous African faculty member. Expect to return home a transformed person. Learn More >>>

Tel Shimron Excavations
June 17 - July 29, 2017

Tel Shimron, an ancient city in Northern Israel with biblical and historical significance, is the location of Wheaton College’s newest archaeological fieldwork site, sponsored by generous support from the Museum of the Bible. Each summer, Wheaton students have had the opportunity join a six week dig in Israel, led by Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies, Dr. Daniel Master. Learn More>>>

Wheaton in China
May 8-12 & May 20-June 17, 2017

Wheaton in China program features an immersion study of Chinese language and culture with related lectures and workshops, field trips and guided travel. The program begins with an orientation week on Wheaton’s campus or on site devoted to cross-cultural training and concludes with a post-trip self-assessment and reflection project after students have returned from China. The program offers courses in all levels of Chinese for all majors. Language and cultural courses and electives are taught both by Wheaton faculty and by local experts. Wheaton in China includes visits to cultural and historical sites in various cities. Students have the opportunity to worship in local Chinese churches and participate in service-oriented activities. The program is offered bi-annually May-June.  Learn More>>>

Wheaton in Costa Rica
May 30-June 25, 2017

Wheaton in Costa Rica is an eight-week summer program that combines language study and practice, cultural immersion, and travel and service learning. It provides students a unique opportunity to live in and learn about the culture, language, and people of Costa Rica. After the first week of orientation, students live with Costa Rican families in San Rafael, Heredia for the duration of the program. In addition, students have the opportunity to travel to other regions including the interior of Costa Rica, both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Costa Rica, as well as to neighboring Nicaragua. Application deadline: December 2, 2016. Learn More >>>

Wheaton in England
May 29-July 23, 2017

Wheaton in England is an 8-week program that will sharpen your eye for the importance of place in English literature and writing and allow you to immerse yourself in the richness of English culture as we engage with various communities throughout England. Take 8 to 10 credit hours of literature and writing in the tradition-soaked cities of London, Canterbury, Stratford, Oxford, and York; and enjoy the beauties of the English countryside in the lakeside town of Ambleside. Join us to visit historic sites from the ancient Stonehenge to the enchanting homes of writers like Austen, Johnson, the Brontës, Lewis, and Wordsworth. We'll also take in theatre at Shakespeare's Globe in London and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford, hike the trails of the Lake District, and worship in cathedrals and small village churches throughout England. We will not only study the English classics and root them in the imaginative soil of place, but we will also engage with contemporary English literature and explore the importance of place and cultural context in our own writing. Learn More >>>

Wheaton in the Holy Lands
May 14-June 24, 2017

Wheaton in the Holy Lands 2017 is a study of the New Testament and Christian theology through on-site lecture/instruction in Israel, Greece, and Rome. In addition, through contact with leaders of non-western churches, Wheaton in the Holy Lands engages students with issues of the theological development of the Church through the centuries. The six-week program offers students the experience of a lifetime, exploring the Holy Lands under the guidance and instruction of Wheaton professors and local experts.
This year, the program will be led by Dr. Michael Graves (Biblical Studies) and Dr. Chris Vlachos (New Testament).  Dr. Graves and Dr. Vlachos will provide biblical and theological commentary as students explore the life and times of Jesus in the land of Israel, Paul in the European world, and Patmos - the island of the Apocalypse.  In addition, students will be introduced to a variety of Christian traditions and how these traditions have been preserved and developed throughout the history of the church, with specific attention to Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism. Learn More >>>