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Future Anticipated Summer Programs

Wheaton College faculty design and lead a variety of summer international or domestic study programs to complement and enhance the on-campus academic experience. Here are the Anticipated programs for upcoming summers(for-credit).


All Programs are subject to internal approval, minimum enrollment, and ongoing evaluation of local conditions, including enhanced health and safety reviews. All Programs, therefore, are subject to change.

Arts in London

Arts in London is a four-week culture program in London, England. The program offers a variety of opportunities for students to attend concerts, theater, opera, and ballet and visit museums and art galleries while living in London. Day long excursions (Chichester, Worchester, and the birthplace of Sir Edward Elgar) provide the opportunity to experience "the arts" in different areas of Britain. Learn more>>>

Graduate Ancient Israel Summer Program

Graduate students spend three weeks in Jerusalem taking Jerusalem University College’s intensive short-term program in Historical and Geographical Settings to discover the ways that Biblical events can be placed in their proper geographical, historical and cultural context. The next four weeks are spent participating fieldwork/excavation at Tel Shimron, a site perched high above the Jezreel Valley on the Nazareth Ridge in Israel with a commanding view of Mount Carmel to the southwest. Learn more >>> 


Tel Shimron Excavation

Tel Shimron, an ancient city in Northern Israel with biblical and historical significance, is the location of Wheaton College’s archaeological excavation, sponsored by generous support from the Museum of the Bible. Each summer, Wheaton students have had the opportunity to join a six week dig in Israel, led by Professor of Archaeology, Dr. Daniel Master. At Tel Shimron, undergraduate Wheaton students take classes which emphasize Global Perspectives, History, Social Inquiry, and the practice of Science that meet requirements in the thematic core of Wheaton’s general education curriculum. Learn more/Apply Now>>> 


FPE Abroad | International Study Program

FPE Abroad | International Study Program is an exciting eight-week immersion program uniquely blending the cultural, political, economic and business aspects of cultures around the globe. The program focuses on the interaction of political and economic policy, the effects of globalization on human flourishing, and the economic well-being of countries in the study area. Students take part in numerous site visits and hear lectures from business leaders and diplomats. This program features on-campus and off-campus learning, and as part of the course work, student teams, with faculty guidance, develop research projects designed to be presented at the corporate or policy executive level. Learn more>>> 

Pilgrimage to Santiago

The Pilgrimage to Santiago is a four-week course in Spain. The French way of St. James is a museum of over 800k, where over a thousand years, pilgrims have hiked to what is thought the remains of St. James (one of the sons of Zebedee) in Santiago de Compostela. Santiago is credited with bringing the Gospel to Spain and the course will be a combination of the history of Spain, the history of the Camino de Santiago, art history, and travel as a Spiritual transformation. Students will walk the last 120k in the northern part of Spain over 18 days and will ultimately reach their destination in Santiago de Compostela where they will receive their "pilgrim" certificate. Learn more >>>

Sankofa Heritage Reclamation Project

This program, open to undergraduate and graduate students in good standing, culminates in a journey through the Republic of Ghana, West Africa. We explore the historical, scientific, theological, psychological, sociological and artistic dimensions of racial reconciliation and human wholeness and flourishing. Learn more >>> 

Transformative Education in its European Context

This program provides students with the opportunity to read the philosophical and educational works of European Philosophers in the contexts in which they wrote them. By reading texts and visiting the educational sites that influenced their writings, students will be invited to understand what a transformative educational can mean for them as students, and for those who hope to be K-12 teachers or professors, what a transformative education might mean for their future teachers. Learn more >>> 

Wheaton in China

The Wheaton in China experience features an immersive study of Chinese language and culture where students have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of how culture plays a profound role in human experience. Through observing how cultural difference affects the minds and hearts of people, students learn to better articulate their own cultural identity. The program offers cultural courses taught by host school faculty and on-site mandarin courses where students are placed according to their language level. One cultural course is taught by a Wheaton faculty member. Learn more >>>
Wheaton in Germany
Wheaton in Germany is a summer study program enabling students to build their language proficiency in German, deepen their learning through visits to sites of historical interest, and develop their intercultural competence through interactions with native speakers. Based in Munich and Berlin, the program also includes side travel to other German cities and Vienna, Austria. Learn More >>> 

Wheaton in Mesoamérica

Wheaton in Mesoamérica is an eight-week summer program in Mexico and Guatemala that combines intensive language study and practice, cultural immersion, academic excursions and coursework, and service learning. It provides students a unique opportunity to live in and learn about the cultures, peoples, and principal language of Latin America: Spanish. The first half of the program takes place in Querétaro, México; the second half extends geographically to the Western Guatemalan highlands and takes place in the city of Quetzaltenango. Spanish and Latin American and Latina/o Studies (LALS) minors, as well as majors who cannot study abroad for a semester, are encouraged to apply. (LALS students will complete an additional 4-week internship or independent study at the end of the program to meet their study abroad requirement.) Learn More >>>

Wheaton in Québec

Wheaton in Québec is a 5-week immersion into the language and culture of the French-speaking province of Québec. It offers a variety of language acquisition opportunities, in and outside of the classroom, and cultural immersion. Students will stay with families in Montréal and study language and culture with professors at the University of Montréal. Learn more >>> 

Wheaton in the Holy Lands

Wheaton in the Holy Lands is a study of the New Testament, Christian theology and historical geography through on-site lecture/instruction in Israel, Greece, and Rome. Students engage with issues of the theological development of the Church through the centuries, its historic faith expressions, and dialogue with other faith traditions. The six-week program offers students the experience of a lifetime, exploring the Holy Lands under the guidance and instruction of Wheaton professors and local experts. Learn more>>>