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Program Leaders

Every Wheaton College international program (academic, missions, or co-curricular)--including programs led by faculty or staff and programs offered in conjunction with a partner--requires sponsorship by an office or department and approval through the international program approval proposal process through Global Programs and Studies (and sometimes also the International Risk Assessment and Management Committee).

Propose an International Group Program:

Program Proposals have two components: A Primary Proposal and an Annual Proposal. New programs complete both Proposals, whereas previously approved programs will review/update their program's Primary Proposal responses and complete the Annual Proposal.

Proposing a new program? Reach out to GPS to get started!

  • 2021-22 Academic International Program Proposals:
    September 1, 2021 (regular); October 1, 2021 (extended)
  • Spring Break and Summer 2022 Co-Curricular International Program Proposals:
    November 1, 2021 (spring break 2022 programs); December 1, 2021 (summer 2022 programs)

Request for Employee Travel with Students

(Short travel with (up to) a few students for an international conference, consulting, research, etc.)

Request GPS to begin: Completed GoGlobal request requirements are due no later than three months prior to departure


Questions about the application process or how to access Program Proposals? Ask GPS: or x7309.