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Wheaton in Chicago

Wheaton in Chicago presents all students with the opportunity to spend a semester living and learning in the world-class city of Chicago.

While many Wheaton students visit Chicago during their university years for various ministry, service, or cultural events, Wheaton in Chicago offers an opportunity to get past the “visitor” mindset and explore the contours of the city from the inside. During the semester, students intern at various organizations throughout the city while also taking Wheaton courses specifically tailored to the program’s unique location in Chicago. Students live in Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood (just south of the University of Chicago), intern in neighborhoods all over the city, and worship in the city.

Through a combination of discipline-specific internships and courses such as Engaging Arts in the City, Chicago, Theologies of Transformation, and Race, Class, and Justice, students gain insight into some of the issues shaping life in Chicago and other cities around the world.

Wheaton in Chicago is foundational for many students pursuing future careers in fields such as urban planning, economic development, ministry, legal services, healthcare, teaching, social services, counseling, and communications, just to name a few. 

For more information visit the Wheaton in Chicago homepage

To start an application for FALL 2024 or SPRING 2025: 

TO CONTINUE an application in progress, login to GoGlobal (upper right corner) and select your Wheaton in Chicago application from the Applicant homepage. Do not click the "Apply Now" button again, as this will create a new (blank) application.