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Semester Study Abroad

Why Study Abroad?

  • Increase your understanding of the world and our society
  • Enhance future employment opportunities
  • Gain intercultural skills
  • Build fluency in a foreign language
  • Gain a new level of confidence
  • Learn from a new perspective
  • Meet new people in new places

Semester Study Abroad through Approved Partner Programs

Wheaton College has over 50 Approved Programs for Off-Campus semester study.  Wheaton students may enroll in a semester off-campus (international and domestic programs) with a wide variety of approved program options around the world.  Students typically apply in the semester before participation, while some programs require applications nearly one year in advance of participation.  Students 1) must meet eligibility requirements of Wheaton College, 2) complete the Wheaton approval and pre-departure requirements, and 3) also apply and complete the requirements of the Approved Program.

Application Deadline to participate in a Spring Program: October 15th
Application Deadline to participate in a Fall Program: March 15th
Students planning to study abroad for a semester apply using the Off-Campus Study Approval application:
Students planning to study off-campus in a domestic location for a semester apply using the Off-Campus Study Approval: Domestic application:
Please contact Global Programs and Studies at:
SSB 240 (2nd floor of the Student Services Building)