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Internships & Student Teaching


International Internship and Student Teaching Opportunities

Wheaton students may participate in other individual international opportunities including internships and student teaching.  Please contact your academic department for details, as requirements may vary.


For a general process overview for the International Internship Application, download this checklist: Individual International Travel ChFor a general overview of the International Internship Application process, please review the Checklist for Individual Student International Travel.

You will notice that the application process is split into two parts - please be aware of the following deadlines:

  • Part 1, or the pre-decision phase of the application, must be complete by March 15th for summer or fall international internship applicants or October 15th for spring international internship applicants
  • Part 2, or the post-decision phase of the application, should be complete no later than 4 weeks prior to departure
Some Academic Departments may have earlier deadlines.  For more information, please carefully read the instructions posted on your application.

If your department isn't listed above, please contact the Global Programs and Studies (GPS) office for support. The GPS office is located in SSB 240 (2nd floor, Bookstore building). GPS can be reached at or 630-752-7309.

The process for applying for an International Student Teaching placement is different from the International Internship process and is managed by the Education Department.  Please contact Dr. Paul Egeland for more information.